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Special Daytonas are either covered with stones (hard natural mineral stone), or made from stone. IWC Replica Watches did not make any models in yellow gold or Rolesor with dials made of hard stones, except for mother-of pearl. These dials were only available on white-gold watches with leather straps. However, there are always exceptions. Good clients or those who have a close relationship with authorized dealers can order dials and have them fitted. This allows for unique and interesting dial and reference combinations.

It is a delicate and time-consuming process to make stone dials. The incredibly thin stone required is fragile, brittle and easily cracks. IWC Replica Watches is said to keep a large supply of turquoise and chrysoprase dials (from Special Beach Edition 116519), as they are frequently cracked during routine servicing. The process involves grinding down a thin slice of the stone to a very thin disc, which is then pressed onto the dial base. It sounds easy, doesn't it?Replica Watches This is not easy and requires a lot of skill and patience from the artisan craftsmen. Natural products are unique, and stone dials are no exception. Each one is different and special to the owner.

Five different dials were available for the Daytona Perpetual: meteorite, grossular (turquoise), chrysoprase (turquoise), and sodalite. The chrysoprase and turquoise dials were only available on Daytona Beach for two to three years, 2000-2002. The meteorite is only available on Daytonas with in-house movements. However,breitling superocean replica the sodalite and the grossular were first introduced in 1997 along with the white gold Daytona.

Sodalite, a mineral of blue color is used as a gemstone in ornamental jewellery. Grossular, a garnet member distinguished by its calcium and aluminum composition is classified as a gem. IWC Replica Watches used only the red version, but the name comes from the botanical name of gooseberry (grossularia), after the green garnet. A prototype dial was made in lapis-lazuli. This dial is one of only a few known examples, making it one of the most sought-after Daytonas.

A Daytona with a grossular dial, baguette-cut diamonds on the bezel

Leopards Chasing Rainbows

Nothing could have prepared people for the launch of the 116598 SACO in 2004. Collectors call it the Leopard. The watch was built on a yellow gold Daytona model with long endlinks and SACO