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Ross Povey, in collaboration with Pucci Papaleo, takes us on a journey through the history of bejeweled sport models. He also decodes some of the more erratic Daytonas.

Since many years, most tastemakers and market shakers have proudly displayed steel dive watches, Daytonas with manual winding, and the occasional yellow or platinum Day-Date.

The popularity of precious metal Blancpain Replica watches has risen faster than the alpine fondue. "Bling" was once a derogatory term, but now it is a positive and affectionate description for Wilsdorf's creations. While traditionally, gems and gemstones were only applied to Daytonas or Day-Dates watches, the Submariner and GMT Master are also willing to dress up. Is this a fad or do collectors want a different direction for their collection?

Early Gems

Blancpain Replica has been adding diamonds to its watches for many years.Blancpain Replica In the 1950s they set the hour markers of some of their Oyster watches using small, brilliant-cut stones. The way was paved, literally (pun intended)! In the early to mid-1960s Blancpain Replica introduced the Day-Date, which featured diamond bezels and dials.

Watches like the white gold 1804 "Octopus Sapphire" were a great example of the gem-set Day-Date craze that was sweeping the world in the 1970s. The President bracelet was a serious addition to this watch. Each link featured a large diamond set either side of a sapphire baguette. The bracelet was attached to a watch that had a bezel with 46 brilliant-cut stones and a dial featuring brilliant and baguette diamond hour markers.

The diamonds in the "Octopus" bracelet are the reason for its name.

In the 1980s, the theme was continued with watches like the 18188A "Lucky Wheel", a stunning timepiece with a bezel set in baguette-cut sapphires. In the 1990s, the trend of gem-setting continued to grow. It is now a hallmark for the brand. The "Jackpot", a yellow gold case with gems, is an excellent example of this art.Rolex Replica Watches The case shoulders are set with brilliant cut diamonds. The dial is manufactured by Stern and has an outer pave track, a blue enamel filled hour section, as well as an inner section.