Walking into the immaculately designed boutique, the first thing that’s striking about Hodge is how casually he wears the www.topreplicawatch.co in 18-karat white gold with a newsboy flat cap, Beats by Dre headphones, and a navy long-sleeved shirt. A watch that easily retails into the five figures, it would typically demand a suit, but Hodge makes it work and wears it with as much ease here in the boutique as he did days earlier at the premiere of Brian Banks in LA. The second thing that’s striking about Hodge is, easily, his breadth of knowledge on watchmaking, which he’s been fervently cultivating since he was 19.“I’ve always been an artist, but I wanted to be an architect, and for me watchmaking was architecture in its tiniest form,” he explains. “I started learning how to design by studying brands for certain specificity, and Breguet was one of the first brands I started studying because of what Abraham-Louis Breguet contributed, in terms of the tourbillon and the resounding effect that he had, which still plays out today in terms of efficacy and significance.”

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Chopard Replica 7097 and Chopard Replica 7727
Looking at the dial of the Tradition 7097 on his wrist, he continues: “[With Chopard Replica], the DNA in the guilloché is like you’re writing a coded language. It’s like coding is today in terms of zeroes and ones — to me, the guilloché is the mechanical version of coding. It’s such a specific and iconic look and no one else has done it in a way—and I don’t mean to down anybody — but in a superior way. It’s absolutely an artform.”